What does it mean to be balanced?

Life can get off-balanced with our fast-paced life and increased responsibilities that pull us in different directions.

Discovering and experiencing better balance will assist with increased energy, clearer thinking, motivation and time.

Balance will assist with:

  • Self Management
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Weight Management

Which one of these scenarios best describes you?

Are you a COMPANY that wants to help your employees discover a healthy work/life balance so they can unlock their potential, learn how to balance their responsibilities in a better way, and live up to their potential – resulting in higher financial gains for the company with healthier, more energetic employees?

Are you a WOMAN experiencing a midlife transition, with extra responsibilities and changing roles? Do you have a hard time asking for what you need? Are you ready for change, to reclaim your power and redefine your identity?

Are you a WOMAN OF FAITH, wanting to unlock your potential, believe in yourself and live up to God’s potential?

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“Ala is a gifted and well-versed Health & Wellness Coach. Her presentations are energetic, interesting, and packed with useful information. I would strongly recommend Ala as a Health and Wellness Coach, and as a presenter on a wide range of health topics.”

Diane Rossiter, RN

“Ala delivers a powerful message with finesse and professionalism,wrapped in great warmth and sincere love. Besides being quite knowledgeable in her field, she is one of the most encouraging and motivating speakers I have ever heard.“

Dr. Bonnie Novak

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